What is Ouders Dove Kinderen?

We are a kindergarten school that accepts children who are 3 years old and up. We have tried and tested curriculums for different ages that will guarantee a fun learning every day. Your kids will surely have the time of their lives when they stay with Ouders Dove Kinderen for their kindergarten education.

Do you conduct orientations for parents?

Yes, we do. Our priority in taking in new students is for the parents to truly understand what their kids are getting into. We want you to know our teaching methods, our techniques, our teachers, and our overall system in helping your kids grow through our school. All you have to do is to contact our customer support service and schedule an orientation with one of our advisors. Our orientation only lasts for two hours with a thirty-minute open forum. After this time, you can go on your Amsterdam city trip or Amsterdam top sightseeing.

Is your school open all year round?

Generally, our school is open for kids during ordinary school days. We have an eight-month school year with offerings of workshops during the summer period. For special tutorials and training for your children, you can talk to us through our Contact us Page.

Can my child still enroll if it is late in the school year?

Yes, you may do it. We will assess your child on the appropriate level that he should be going to. After numerous tests and evaluations, we will give you a recommendation about the best possible schedule and year level for your child.

Is Ouders Dove Kinderen an accredited daycare center?

Yes, we are. We have applied and have been approved on the needed assessment for our daycare center. From safety permits to teaching accreditations, this school will have all the papers needed to sustain your child’s needs.

What are the languages that you use for teaching?

We use Dutch as the basic language of teaching. Depending on the subject being studied, teachers can speak English, French, German and the like in order to better understand the customer.