Ouders Dove Kinderen is a kindergarten school that is open to kids ages 3 years and up. Parents and guardians can talk to us by going to our main office in Amsterdam from Monday to Friday or by scheduling a meeting with us during the weekends. We always aim for what is best for our kids and we make it a point that our schedules adapt well to children and to parents as well. If you are on an Amsterdam city tour with your family, you can squeeze a short meeting with us and we will gladly accommodate you and your child.

Who we are

The school was founded by a group of teachers who saw the need for a kindergarten school to be established in Amsterdam. They were on bike rental in Amsterdam when they saw the opportunity to help parents and kids learn better and be more prepared in the next years of their lives. Now, the team is bigger as they get more professionals to teach your children.

What we offer

With a robust curriculum that the group of teachers and professional educators created for each level, Ouders Dove Kinderen will surely provide the best education for your children. The extensive research for the development of each curriculum through the help of internal and external experts has made the school a better choice for your kids. We promise to continue to evolve as a kindergarten school that adapts to the fast-paced changing environment.