Benefits of Early Reading

It is always fun and exciting to see our toddlers start to read. From reading the alphabet to connecting each letter to form words, parents can really relate to the awesome experience of seeing our children read. What are the benefits of starting your kid early on learning how to read?


It prepares your child for kindergarten

readDo you know the feeling of awkwardness when every person knows what he is doing while you have no idea what you should do next? This feeling is the same as what your kid may be feeling on the first day of school. Parents nowadays always aim to get a head start at education. Most likely, when your kid steps inside a kindergarten classroom, he will observe that his classmates already have a grasp of how to read.

By teaching your kid on the basics of reading, he can ready himself more on the tasks and activities in kindergarten and beyond. He can perform better in school if he already knows how to read. You can actually find apps that you can use when you shop online for tools and reading materials.

It helps you recognize possible reading disabilities

readingBy gradually reaching your kid on how to read, you can identify possible conditions that he may have early on. If you opt to teach your child to read later in his life, you may also be prolonging the time that you can be using on correcting the condition. Some of these conditions will be more difficult to remove or cure in his later years. Teaching your child can help you correct what needs to be changed or improved. You can also go to professionals to help your kid early on.

Reading does not readily have to be a book. You can ask your kid to read a word sign while you are on your Amsterdam city trip. You can ask him to read words from a magazine. Even restaurant menus and brochures can be used to teach your kid to read.

It exercises your kid’s brains

Have you heard of the saying that a child’s brain is a sponge? It is true. The hunger of a child’s brain should be sustained in order to help him develop his mental capabilities. Teaching him how to read is one way to exercise your child’s brain.